US Ignite: Track 1: Collaborative Research: Distinct: A Distributed Multi-Loop Networked System for Wide-Area Control of Large Power Grids

Project: Research project


In this proposed project, we will develop a DIStributed mulTI-loop Networked system for wide-area ConTrol of large power GRIDs (DistinctGrids). The proposed DistinctGrid system consists of (1) a set of distributed optimal control algorithms for the power grid system that will be implemented on the top of (2) a distributed computing infrastructure connected by high speed wide area networks that may consist of both SDN-enabled and traditional layer-2 or layer 3 networks. The majority of the existing network control system (NCS) or cyber physical system (CPS) studies have focused on centralized control strategies passively incorporating the network induced delay and information loss in a local networking environment. In contrast, our proposed control system consists of multiple control loops that adaptively control both the control performance and the computing and network infrastructure characteristics by leveraging the programmability of cloud and SDN.

This project will be a collaborative effort between RENCI (lead), NC State University, and Rochester Institute of Technology. Under the mission of USIgnite to expand advanced Gigabit networking technology to the public sectors, this project has a strong outreach component to work with the educational and industrial community through the developed open source system and existing outreach channels in NSF FREEDM center and GENI.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/18


  • National Science Foundation (NSF)


Control systems
HIgh speed networks
Wide area networks
Distributed computer systems
Software defined networking
Cyber Physical System