The University of North Carolina Injury Prevention Research Center (UNC IPRC) was created in 1987, one of CDC's 5 original "centers of excellence." Now in our 3rd decade, the UNC IPRC is a mature and highly productive enterprise that is making a difference. We have: 1) strong institutional support as a formal part of the UNC infrastructure, with UNC having invested $1.3 million in support over the past five years alone; 2) succeeded in leveraging Center grant funding at a level of approximately $7 of external funding for every dollar invested by CDC; 3) more than 20 years of stable leadership by an internationally recognized scholar; 4) a highly diverse and competent cadre of investigators who are conducting cutting edge research in violence, sports and recreational injury, residential injury and occupational injury as well as selected other topics; 5) a strong tradition of meaningfully bridging research and practice through close collaboration between practitioners and scientists, ensuring that we not only foster evidence-based practice but also conduct practice-informed research; 6) strong national and international leadership in training more than 1,000 professionals who, in turn, are advancing the field; 7) strategic evolution from a focus on state to regional,national and global injury issues, through collaborations in 44 states and > 40 foreign countries; and 8) impact through in programs and policies that are making notable improvements in safety.
This application brings together experienced and new investigators on projects designed to continue our positive trajectory.
Aim 1: To advance the science of injury control by conducting and supporting innovative research projects focused on: dating violence prevention among Latino families and older adult acceptance of fall prevention interventions.
Aim 2: To support new and existing investigators and their research teams.
Aim 3: To expand and enhance our national and international leadership in training the next generation of researchers and practitioners and by providing continuing education for those already in the field.
Aim 4: To enhance the long term sustainability of the Center.
Aim 5: To employ sound management practices and continuous quality improvement, to facilitate high productivity, quality, and efficiency in our research, education and outreach efforts.
Effective start/end date8/1/097/31/15


  • National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)


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