Despite significant advances in medical treatment, prevention has faltered and few of the Healthy People 2010 objectives have been realized. Behavior change is necessary but not sufficient to address the social, environmental, and policy determinants of health, which include unequal access to society’s benefits. These inequities combined with the recognized difficulty of translating and disseminating research into practice, help explain why the US has not seen anticipated health improvements from “proven” interventions.
The University of North Carolina Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) has been committed to engaging local NC communities and health agencies in understanding health disparities in order to design and evaluate effective solutions for over 25 years . We propose to continue and strengthen this work over the next 5 years:
AIM 1: Infrastructure and Administration – Strengthen HPDP infrastructure and administration by further developing and institutionalizing core services as well as expanding capacity in dissemination, training, and evaluation. AIM 2: Community Engagement, Partnership, Technical Assistance –Using the restructured HPDP Community Committee, partner more extensively and effectively with community members, public health practitioners, and institutional partners to improve health outcomes, eliminate health disparities, and promote high quality research using CBPR principles and methods. AIM 3: Communication and Dissemination – Use a variety of communication and dissemination strategies to link HPDP research and training with academic, practitioner, and lay communities. AIM 4: Training - Enhance HPDP training activities to meet the identified needs of students, faculty and staff, public health practitioners and community members engaged in health promotion activities, using a variety of modalities and technologies and by creating a new partnership with AHEC for statewide training in health promotion. AIM 5: Evaluation – Build and strengthen the capacity of the Evaluation Core Unit to evaluate the effectiveness of HPDP and reach out to a broader group of community partners to collaborate and build capacity around evaluation. AIM 6: Research –Initiate a new applied research project linking clinical and public health resources to address health disparities in cardiovascular disease.
Effective start/end date9/30/149/29/19


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


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