A Collaborating Center of the Healthy Aging Research (HAN) Network Center for the past two grant cycles, the North Carolina Healthy Aging Network (NC-HAN) is spearheaded by the statewide University of North Carolina Institute on Aging in partnership with the Center on Aging and Health of the School of Medicine, and in collaboration with the UNC Prevention Research Center. NC-HAN’s long term goal is to optimize the physical, mental and social functioning of all older adults in NC and in the nation. In this application, we articulate resources and plans relative to NC-HAN’s contributions to the HAN over the next five years and to our efforts within the state. Our four specific aims, that apply to both North Carolina and the national Network level, are to: 1) strengthen HAN capacity by building a comprehensive infrastructure and strong network of committed individuals and organizations to address healthy aging; 2) conduct community-based aging and public health research programs and interventions; 3) translate and disseminate findings and work products to impact policy and program change; and 4) engage policy-makers, students, planners, and practitioners to advance healthy aging initiatives and to enhance workforce capacity. A new award will enable us to move potential future initiatives identified by the existing Network in the areas of environment and aging, brain health, physical activity, depression, nutrition, and health policy and services, as well as leading a nationwide evaluation of evidence-based health promotion programs to the next logical steps within research development, research translation and dissemination. NC-HAN will contribute actively to the various initiatives resulting from the establishment of the new HAN network, and is prepared to provide leadership at the Workgroup level. Our proposed activities include: collaboration in seeking new funding opportunities for HAN priorities; participation in multi-site studies that also optimize the involvement of new researchers and community partners; demonstration of change in older adult health issues in local communities and the uptake of new programs and policies at the local, state and national level; provision of technical assistance in increasing workforce capacity; and enrichment of our network of established partnerships to include new relationships and expanded resources available among multiple schools throughout the UNC system, state, regional and national governmental agencies, senior advocacy groups, partner communities, and the UNC Prevention Research Center.
Effective start/end date9/30/099/29/14


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


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