Opportunities, Challenges and Resources in Regenerative Medicine

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The last decade has seen enormous progress in the fields of stem cells and regenerative biology. The major need for the future is to translate this progress into research and applications that promote health and maintenance of normal tissues and that effectively treat impairments due to injury or disease. This symposium brings together experts, scientists, clinicians and leaders in stem cell biology, regenerative biology and regenerative medicine to share approaches and ideas across organ systems and disciplines. The anticipated outcome is that new collaborations will emerge, which will accelerate fundamental basic discoveries and clinical application in veterinary or human medicine. The symposium is the outcome of initial interactions of a task force on Regenerative Medicine composed of scientists and clinicians at UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State Universities. Anticipated tangible outcomes include a) new collaborations and collaborative grants to take a cross-discipline approach to stem cells and regenerative medicine, b) increased awareness and utilization of unique resources including large animal models and biomaterials, which are areas of strength at NCSU and stem cell cores, genomic and clinical sciences at UNC, c) ultimately acceleration of research and progress to ensure a leadership position in stem cells and regenerative biology and medicine across the triangle area and to benefit the health of citizens of North Carolina. One clear example that has emerged from initial discussions is that fibrosis is a major problem in Regenerative Medicine across multiple organ systems (Bone, Cartilage, Intestine, Heart, Lung, Skin and Liver). Currently researchers in each organ system are pursuing parallel approaches. This symposium aims to promote and highlight potential benefits sharing of resources and findings across organ systems with the goal of facilitating multi-investigator grant applications.
Effective start/end date10/1/1310/30/13


  • North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC)


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