Odum/SAGE Collaboration: Automating Data Publication Workflows

Project: Research project


The Odum Institute has an established relationship with SAGE publishing to investigate potential collaborations and projects for integrating data citation and archiving into the publishing workflow. The initiative seeks to enhance the use of secondary research data as well as provide linkages between journal articles and data that are cited in those articles. By leveraging this new relationship, we hope to build a public-private partnership to support the reproducibility of scientific research, the linkage between published articles and underlying data as well as promote an open and transparent approach to data publication.
The proposed project is an exploratory effort that will design and prototype automation of the SAGE workflow for manuscript submission and peer review that incorporates data submission. The goal would be to establish mechanisms to allow the integration of data submission and publication into the electronic manuscript submission workflow. The new workflow will interface with the Dataverse Network virtual data repository platform at the Odum Institute, which offers data repository services including metadata creation, assignment of persistent identifiers, generation of formal data citations, and linkages to corresponding publications.
Effective start/end date1/1/1512/31/16


  • Harvard University


public private partnership
peer review