Neurologic sequelae of HIV subtype A and D infection and ART, Rakai, Uganda

Project: Research project


The overall application will propose to conduct a baseline and two year follow up assessment on a sample of 200 HIV+ patients (aged 20 to 70+ years) with a CD4 lymphocyte count <200 cells who have not yet initiated ART (please note: free treatment will be provided) and who will be age and gender matched to 200 HIV+ patients also not yet on ART with a CD4 cell count =350 cells. Findings from these two groups will be compared to a cross sectional assessment of 400 HIV- persons residing in the same communities. All HIV+ and HIV- participants will be assessed through interview, clinical and relevant laboratory testing. We will also examine differences in virological compartmentalization within the cerebrospinal fluid and blood among HIV+ participants with and without dementia. Such comprehensive data are critically needed to plan the prevention and management of a key class of potential co-morbidities, and the provision of long term care and social support. In this subcontract Dr. Robertson will oversee all neurocognitive testing, and in the final year of the study when all samples are collected Dr. Swanstrom will be responsible for carrying out analysis of viral sequences in the samples.
Effective start/end date4/8/132/28/15


  • Johns Hopkins University


Nervous System
CD4 Lymphocyte Count
Personal Autonomy
Long-Term Care
Social Support
Sequence Analysis
Cerebrospinal Fluid