National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative

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The overarching goal of this project is to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by improving the health and wellness of young women and men before they become pregnant. To work toward achieving this larger goal, we aim to integrate and implement preconception health into clinic and community settings. Our first objective is to increase knowledge about preconception health and the adoption of healthy life styles among women and men of reproductive age. We will achieve this objective by a) reframing the word preconception to better engage our target audience, b) developing and promoting a national website for consumers, c) tailoring the Show Your Love campaign to more reach diverse audiences, d) building new partnerships with business & industry and non-MCH public health sectors to disseminate these resources to their employees and customers, and e) engaging a diverse group of Preconception Peer Educators to partner with us to be sure that the framing of the messages continue to be attractive, appropriate and developed in a way to support behavior change among young adults. Our second objective is to increase the capacity of health care providers and health care systems to better integrate preconception services into routine well woman, primary and specialty care. We will achieve this objective by a) developing a clinical screening tool, b) providing technical assistance to 4 clinic pilot projects to implement our existing tools including quality improvement measures to benchmark and improve clinical practice, c) providing training and technical assistance to 10 clinically integrated networks on implementing preconception clinic process modules, and d) convening stakeholders to review lessons learned and publish collective recommendations for quality improvement. Capitalizing on our existing partnership, we will coordinate across the provider and consumer efforts to ensure that the messages are consistent and create both increased consumer demand for PCC services and clinical provision of these services.
Effective start/end date5/1/154/30/17


  • WK Kellogg Foundation


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