National Alliance for Medical Image Computing

Project: Research project


Core 1a: The UNC site will conduct research on the following topics:
DTI: The DTI activities of the UNC core will focus on a) incorporating the DTI QC error estimation into NA-MIC DTI QC tool DTIPrep, b) improving the robustness of its DTI registration method, c) extension of the NA-MIC DTI toolbox to include automatic, regional DTI analysis and linkage to the statistical analysis package.
Shape: We’ll finish the Slicer extension work and plan to organize workshops training users with these tools. Furthermore, together with the Utah algorithm core (PI Whitaker) we are extending the particle geometric correspondence to images to allow for an efficient group-wise registration.
Longitudinal Analysis: We plan to perform extensive evaluations of our novel registration approaches in application to the Iowa HD DBP. The next steps will further include moving these developments from tools in Matlab to C++ based Slicer extensions.

Core 2: The Iowa DBP engineer located at UNC (Francois Budin) will continue the ongoing development of two major components for Slicer v4: a) a wizard module for the fully automated DTI processing with the NA-MIC fiber tract based analysis framework of individual datasets and b) a computation module for the processing of population of segmentation data for shape analysis using the NA-MIC shape analysis toolkit.
Effective start/end date9/30/106/30/14


  • Brigham and Womens Hospital


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Error analysis
Statistical methods