Electrochemical Oxidation of Actinides

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The goal of the Fuel Cycle R&D Separations Campaign Minor Actinide Separations sigma-team, is to develop a minor actinide/lanthanide separation that is amenable to process scale-up. At INL, we have developed a solvent extraction scheme wherein Am is oxidized using a sodium bismuthate chemical oxidant. The produced hexavalent Am is then separated from the lanthanides by extraction with diamylamylphosphonate (DAAP) extraction, which leaves the lanthanides (except Ce) in the raffinate. Cerium (IV) is then separated by selective back extraction via reduction of the Am with trace H2O2. It is desirable to eliminate the chemical oxidant, and thus an effort has been initiated to investigate the possibility of electrochemically oxidizing Am in acidic, aqueous solution.
Effective start/end date5/16/129/30/15


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Actinoid Series Elements
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Electrochemical oxidation
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