Effectiveness of A Care Package for Low Back Pain with Disc Herniation: A Pragma

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Back pain significantly affects both patients and their society in many ways, including personal sufferings and work loss. While several therapies have their own application window, there is no single therapy that is unequivocally successful, hence multi modality approach is often sought for and put into practice. The Jaseng hospital, Seoul, Korea offers a therapeutic package for low back pain which includes Korean herbal Medicine, acupuncture, and Chuna (Korean version of manipulation of spine and joint), and it has gained popularity. However, what attracts big number of back pain patients to this hospital is still speculative and awaits close observation.

To analyze descriptively demographic data of Korean back pain patients visiting an integrative Korean medicine, and clinical outcome after 6 months of receiving treatment, and to establish an international partnership between an academic institute and a practice based hospital.

The part of research activities that I will be carrying out as a faculty of the UNC begins upon my receiving de-identified data and ends after completing writing up the report for publication in peer reviewed journals. My co-investigators in Korea will be responsible for screening about 500 low back pain patients that visit the Jaseng Hospital, and invite about 200 who suffice inclusion / exclusion criteria to the outcome study. During 16 week- standard care comprising herbal prescription, acupuncture, and Chuna (a Korean style vertebral spine manipulation), the co-investigators will assess Oswestry Disability Index, bodily pain scale of SF-36, work status, and days off work and days of cut down work at baseline, 2, 4 and 16 week. The data will be audited by an independent researcher for their correctness, and only the de-identified data will be sent to the investigator at UNC.
Effective start/end date1/1/086/30/12


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