Development and Training of Curricula to Address Child Drug Addiction; Phase 3 Brazil projects

Project: Research project


During this phase, the UNC staff referred in clause 7 (b) will engage in the contribution of expertise as authors, researchers and experts for the developing, drafting, reviewing and finalizing of six (6) curricula on child drug addiction treatment according to reasonable deadlines set out by THE COLOMBO PLAN. This phase will also include the participation of UNC staff in two curriculum development meetings to be held in Washington DC, U.S.A or any other suitable location as determined by THE COLOMBO PLAN.

The topics of the curricula to be developed or reviewed are as follows

Curriculum 1: Overview of Psychosocial Treatment Interventions for Child Drug Addiction

Curriculum 2: Treating Children with Drug Addiction: Special Considerations & Counseling with Children (2 modules)

Curriculum 3: Motivational Interviewing with Drug Addicted Children

Curriculum 4: Attachment Theory & Principles of Treating Drug Addicted Children Affected by Trauma and Distress (2 modules)

Curriculum 5: Suitcase for Life

In this second phase, the predetermined UNC staff (2) will act as the Lead Trainer and Assistant Trainer for three training programmes to be conducted in a suitable country determined by THE COLOMBO PLAN on a schedule dictated by THE COLOMBO PLAN, in consultation with the Lead Trainer and Assistant Trainer.
Effective start/end date8/27/141/31/16


  • The Colombo Plan Secretariat


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