The core of our biomarker proposal is to collect and biobank samples from 100 women with anorexia nervosa (AN) at three points in time. Participants will be measured in the acute stage of illness (85% IBW), and at three-month follow-up. The timing is such that approximately 60 of the individuals enrolled in the biomarker supplement will become eligible for the Bardone-Cone study during the course of the parent grant. Bardone-Cone is recruiting 200 individuals with AN or BN and 100 controls over 5 years. The biomarker supplement will piggyback onto the recruitment for the Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI) funded by the Klarman Family Foundation and parallel the 4-year duration of that grant and therefore accrue no recruitment costs. At completion of the study, we will have samples from 100 women with AN on three occasions of measurement and for ~60 of these women, samples from five occasions. The longitudinal nature of this study allows more powerful withinperson analyses, and the multiple measures span the course of illness from acute illness to immediate recovery and long-term recovery or relapse.Together these analyses will allow us to parse out markers of starvation from markers of illness and may shed light on biomarker indices of recovery and relapse. Biobanking these samples for future use represents an invaluable resource for the scientific community.
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